Sunday, December 1, 2013

Beauty in the Winter

We had a great day with the family and we ended the evening with us 3 creating a new memory.  We decided to visit Dyck Arboretum since they were having a Luminary Walk.  PV didn't really want to go, but once we saw all the beautiful lights she changed her mind.  She totally enjoyed the entire event!

The weather was lovely for November, 
but I think even if it was chillier all would have enjoyed it just the same! 
 I think this may be a new (annual) tradition for our family.  
The photos do not do it justice at all.  

After the walk, they served hot chocolate,  almond hot tea and cookies. 
 So we gathered ours up and heading to the next buildings where they were having ballerinas perform sections of the Nutcracker.  
The inside was full, so we just pulled up a concrete sidewalk, 
and watched through the large and lovely glass windows.  
PV was mesmorized by the ballerinas, it was adorable to watch her and the performers. 

This event was well worth the $12.00 we spent for us 
to get in and it also aides in Arboretum to maintain the gardens.  
This is a beautiful place in any season and its very tranquil.  
My sister actually got married at this location 
and it was so nice in the month of September.  

Today we are heading after church, to get our Christmas tree, 
and decorate the house.  Good memories being made this time of year! 
We are blessed to have so many advantages in this life. 
 I hope you and your family have many blessings as well!

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