Monday, November 5, 2012

Farmyard Activities & Feeding the Calves!

Here are a few shots from an evening at the farm!

Grandpa & PV working together at the elevator leg!
 (Daddy is up at the top he made repairs!)
Discussing things and cleaning up!
The 4 year old filling Grandpa in on how things are going! :)

My father in law prepares to feed the cattle.  He loads Silage into the feed wagon.
You can read about the Silage pile here.
Then he adds ground grain sorghum (milo) and supplements.
Time to feed the calves!

Yum, this tastes pretty good says the calves!

HEY! Why are you in my feed bunk?
I am too hungry to care about you being in my feed bunk! :)

PV decided to say hello to the calves before they got fed! 


  1. The four year old looks like she has alot to say. What a blessing to live right next door to grandma and grandpa!
    Are the supplements in the silage already, were they put in during harvest, or is that something that is added on a daily basis?

    1. Heather! Oh yes she does! It is put in each time the cattle are fed. Very good question & thanks for stopping by!

  2. I remember feedbunks like that! And cows!!!
    Paige will know all the ins and outs of the farm by the time she is 10!

    1. Cows bring me so much calmness, just watching them and seeing pictures, it's pretty cool! I am glad she is not scared of them and yes she will know it no doubt! :) Thanks for stopping by! I love visiting commentors on my blog!


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