Saturday, May 4, 2013

Word Collages

If you have been in a store lately or looked at Pinterest or happen to be crafty
you probably have seen various versions of word collages to decorate with.  

This particular one I found on Alicia's Delightful Designs.

I own a Cricut cutting machine just like this one. 
It's the original one, it's not the new fancy ones, but it works nicely.
Recently I have been using it more than I have in the past few years!

  I'd like to create a word collage with vinyl. 
 I've used vinyl before when I decorated my daughter's room with lady bugs.  

   Here I practiced one afternoon with cardstock.
It's not glued down, but thought this might be a good practice run!
Still have some kinks to work out!
I invested in a couple new fonts today and plan to play some more!

I am giving myself a challenge and I would like your help.

 I'd like you to inspire me! 

If you could have a word collage in your home or office,
 what would the words be?  

What word would you want to be the main one?
This one would be a different color possibly.

It doesn't have to have as many words as I did in this one!

Take a couple days to think on it, please comment here or on 
our Facebook page where I share this post. 

 You never know!  
If I get good at it, perhaps there will be one included 
in my 1 year anniversary giveaway in August!

 It's your turn to inspire me, I can't wait to see all your ideas!

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  1. Perseverance, patience, hope, faith, love, family, friends, make your dreams happen, laughter, cherish, Give It Up(with an arrow), find your blessings, snuggles, cheer,

    Maybe one with names would be good too...

    1. Great word Lis! :) I love them! Thanks for commenting~!

  2. A lot of what she said is what I would have said. You could do a list of cities you've visited for vacation, kids and husband's and your names and birthday's. Some of your favorite Bible verses or people.from the Bible.

    Those are my best ideas!
    Erin :)

  3. For myself, if I would decide to be crafty, (which is highly unlikely) I'd make one that has the words Faith, Hope, Love in larger print with the 1 Corinthians 13 verse stated somewhere in the collage. Then just fill in around it with other words in that chapter of 1 Corinthians favorite chapter of the Bible!

    1. Oh that is a good one! :) Nice Carla! Thanks for commenting!


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