About JV & MV


My at home photo!

My farm life experience began the day I came home from the hospital! My "home" was a cattle feed lot! No I'm not kidding you! I think it was a sign from God that although I took an alternate route for a chunk of my life, I was meant to be married to a farmer and live in the country! If nothing else he was preparing me to be able to tolerate the smell of cattle manure and silage in my adult life in my back yard!


Milton has been farming his entire life, and it's in his blood no doubt.  He is the fourth generation to farm the surrounding land to where we live.  He is proud to be a farmer.
Growing up his family raised hogs, fed cattle, but primarily are grain farmers.
Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, and Grain Sorghum.

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Come join us on the following:

Becoming One.
Building our Home.
Entertaining friends.
Vacationing together.
Raising our daughter.
Growing old.

No matter what we are doing,
as long as we are together,
it's always better!