Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pig, Problems, & Positives!

I decided I was going to just sit down immediately 
and document ( for the family section of this blog) recent happenings.  
Before time got away from me or my memory fails me!

Pig -

PV was Peppa Pig for Halloween.  
In my conversations with several people in the past month I think
 only one person knew who Peppa Pig was!  
So for those of you that don't know who Peppa Pig is, you can click on this link.  
Or here's my description, a cute little girl pig with a french or maybe it's english accent!  
Yep I'm not kidding!
That' s how my little Kansas farmgirl rolls!
Costume made by Big Sister KVH and Grandma F.
Inexpensive and cute.
Just how Momma likes it!


Oh let's just skip these, you don't really want to know them anyway!
Let's get back to the good stuff!


It's Thursday! 
So that means Library for PV at school!
We discussed on the way to school that she should 
get a book this time that she could help read but
 she said it had to be about animals! 
I told her that is ok and to ask the Librarian to help her find one!
PV came home with a book about Foals.

One of the things I have always loved as a Mother, 
was listening and watching my children learn to read.  
It's amazing to me that one day we don't know how to read a word.
Then the next you know one, two, or maybe three words!

Listening to her read tonight was the best part of my day! :)
Then we worked on Sight words.
I am thankful for the teacher and those that help in the classroom!
I'm very proud of my little gal!

Another positive was listening to PV tell me how she
 helped with the sick calf.
Then she also told me about another calf.
The one named Susie, white face, black calf.
She's naming the cattle... oh no!

Ok! One more positive.
The problems were brewing inside my head at the first of the week.
By Wednesday I had the blessings of people aiding me.
So a problem turned into a positive.
I love when that happens!

I hope you found Joy in your day! 
Our life is quite blessed and sometimes I forget to be thankful.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Messy Masterpieces

Honestly, I haven't felt myself in awhile. I feel like I'm the confetti inside a box, 
and someone opened that box, and tossed me up in the air. 
 All the pieces landing all over, every which way! 
 You can imagine they are scrambling to find
 one another and get back together in their cozy togetherness.  

Well this morning, for just a while, they were there. 
It felt so nice.  

I need to back up a moment. I have a friend that writes a blog, she is currently pregnant, and she blogged about apples and her dreams.
 I have decided that God used her to bring me to making apple donuts.  
Why you ask, well check out her blog post and she also likes donuts. 

I was dusting the house and in my huge pile of magazines there was one that was 50 things to make with apples.  I'm not a huge apple fan, but I decided while dusting I'd glance through it. I mean it is fall!  I found a simple recipe for apple donuts. 
I scanned the ingredients and we had them all.  Poof apple donuts! 
My family gets a (unhealthy) but homemade breakfast so all is good.  
Well.......not so much. 

Now before you look at the photo, remember it's not nice to judge!  :) 

Yes the donuts are to be nice and round and beautiful.  These didn't turn out that way.  Some are still not completely done inside, and others are too done.  If you know me personally you are now thinking, "Julie had a meltdown on this feat no doubt".  


As I was cooking I felt so much peace and joy it didn't matter the end result.  This is very unlike me. (Perfectionist mindset)  I just decided that the act of cooking brought so much joy, I didn't care this looks like a greasy mess of glob.

To me it looks like a Masterpiece!  

Because it brought some happiness and calmness within my soul that I have not felt in awhile. Yes, tears were alittle present, tears of joy.

The little pieces of confetti are warmly snuggled inside and my heart is full of joy.  I'm not sure how long they will hang together but I'm relishing in the moments they exist.

I'm not sure what path God has for me.  I'm not sure where I will land on this earth.  I did realize something this morning. 

Joy comes in all kinds of forms.  Even messy masterpieces.  So stop and just look, and allow yourself to feel.  Feel the good.  

I hope you have much joy today, and here's the recipe! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Cider Donuts
Simmer 1 cup apple cider until reduced to 1/4 cup; cool. MIx with 1/2 cup grated peeled apple, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1 egg, 1/4 teaspoon each nutmeg and vanilla, and 2 cups dry pancake mix. Rol into 1 inch balls and deep fry in 375 degree oil.  Drain on papertowels and roll in cinnamon sugar.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ramblings of our Weekend

This weekend was spent with family fun, a stroll down memory lane, and church committee work.  It's now Sunday at 4:30 pm and I am blogging verses doing various other things that really should be taking priority.  

You know, things like, laundry, ironing, quotes for work, floors to vacuum, a vehicle that is longing for some TLC, and the list goes on.  But here I am, with you.  I feel like I've been neglecting things that seem to bring me such joy.  My kitchen, our blog, probably family somewhat too. 

Do you ever find yourself putting off the things that you enjoy the most?  I hope I'm not the only one this happens to!

Yesterday brought much joy to me.  I got to spend most of a day with my daughter and her family.  We had lunch and then headed to the pumpkin patch.  Watching her play with my grandaughter brought warmth to my heart.  PV and ES riding the train and picking out their pumpkins, and Mr. N (Tashley's boyfriend) make his daughter smile from ear to ear.  All of this and more brought me joy.  I'm blessed.  

I don't have any photos of the stroll down memory lane, but you can read about the place here.
The best part about the stroll down memory lane is that PV got to see where I lived when I was her age. As we approached the feed lot, I told her to look out her window. 
 She did and her words were " wow, awesome".
This kid, I do believe, might just be the next "cow whisperer".  It's just amazing to me how she has no fear about going up to one and just hanging out, but things I wouldn't think fearful she does find fearful!
I'm glad we were able to show her where I lived when I was 5.

Today we had our Mission Festival at church, I am currently serving on the Board of Missions.
We were fortunate enough to have our District President and his wife to visit the congregation. 
She spoke on the Lutheran Malaria Initiative.  
You can find more information on it by clicking here.

This one net can save so many lives!

This weekend was a very happy time for me.
Serving my family.
Serving my congregation.
Serving the Lord.

I hope you have found happiness in your weekend.
May it continue into the week ahead.

God Bless You!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Examples, Growing Pains, and Witnesses

This post was written on different days.  The beginning was 10/06/13.

I had the pleasure of being the parent that got to put our daughter to bed tonight. I was lucky enough to read her a story, complete our devotion, and say prayers with her.  With my new job, I've come to realize that in the past years this was something I didn't treasure enough.

I love to read with her, but she usually preferred to have Daddy put her to bed, and most nights I was fine with it.  Now, I find myself sneaking back into her bedroom, before I find my way to my bed, to just watch her sleep.  I whisper the sweet things that I know she can't hear, and I thank God with each setting of the moon for choosing me to be her Mommy. I miss her, but know that she is in good hands when I miss a good night story.

I think this Mommy is having growing pains.  Allowing herself and her 5 year old to grow is sometimes hard.  It's hard to be the one to step back and allow your child to head into uncharted waters.  My instinct is usually to reel them back in with my protective motherly hand.  Kind of like when they are in the front seat next to you, and you are driving and must step on the brakes promptly.  Your right hand automatically goes out and protects them from falling into the dash board!  (No she doesn't ride in the front seat, but I recall this occurring with my other children!)

The point is during even our growing pains, we are still examples.  We are still witnesses to other's growing pains.

Sometimes we are the person that is the witness, and sometimes we are the person being witnessed. 

Today we witnessed a baptism.  A newborn infant becoming a child of God.  I also watched my 5 year old stand in the aisle to see the action up front.  She has witnessed a couple other baptisms, and so it wasn't new to her. 

In addition to the baptism, she witnessed, her father and I take communion.  As we stand at the alter, I usually see her look up to us, as we take the body and blood of Christ.  I get a warm spot in my heart knowing this is an example I definitely want to be to her.  I see some curiosity in her eyes, and although she may not encompass all that it means, she is learning.  She is taking it all in, and for now that is enough. 

From this point this post was written today 10/13/13.

Today she witnessed another baptism.  As she watched from the far back of the sanctuary I heard her say "it's so cute".  I asked her, "what is cute?" She looked at me and stated ( in a tone which reflected I should have already known what was cute) "the baptism".  Then she went back to watching.

Yes, it was cute.  It was lovely, and I'm glad we were witnesses to it. Her perception of things is a reminder to me almost daily of things I have forgotten or tucked away in the busyness of this adult life. Such as innocence of children, giggling is sweetness to the ears, and being able to draw a star is pretty cool in itself!

I am lucky to be the witness sometimes. I am also an example at the same time.  I am not always the best example for her.  Even today I was not, this I know.  One thing is true though.  I will love her and my other children always.  I will continue to pray for each of them, I will continue to strive to be a good example to them, and I hope they know how much they each mean to me.

Whether you are witnessing or being an example, be mindful.  I need a reminder of this sometimes.  To be mindful of the fact that I am an example to many, I am witness to beautiful things daily, and that I am lucky in both circumstances.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sow, Harvest, Emerge

The farm has been buzzing with activity this past week or so.  Last night it rained, and there is rain in the forecast today too, but I'm not sure how much will arrive at our area.  Until its heavily downpouring I know a couple farmers that will continue to plug along!

My hubby had to get up in the middle of the night and it wasn't for a crying baby! He didn't put the old grain truck  in the shed last night when returning in the late hours from sowing wheat.  That meant when the lightning and thunder began he got to get out of bed and go put  it away. The reason he needed to complete this task is because the "seed wheat" that he uses to sow the current wheat crop is in the grain truck.  We take a certain amount of wheat from our best producing fields and wheat varieties from our previous crop year and "save" it for the next crop year. Before the "seed" wheat is sown the next year, we take it to a facility to have it "cleaned". 

This time of year brings Fall harvest which I have mentioned before.  The corn is harvested, and they have moved onto soybeans.  The next  crop to be harvested will be grain sorghum or milo which I like to call it.  It's the orange/rust colored headed beauties you see in the fields!  So pretty this time of year!  

When Milton and I were engaged, we had pictures taken by my sister for our announcement.  It was in September/October and this is one of the silly ones we did.  It hangs in our home and it's a reminder of days gone by for us.  A time when things were new in our relationship and we were (somewhat) young!  Haha!  Those of you that know my husband personally will enjoy this photo I am sure!

As I drive in the countryside I see some wheat already emerging it's little green self.  It's amazing how quickly the crops begin to come up.  We will have the same thing happening in our fields in a week or two.  Each year it's a new process, each year there are joys and hardships, but with farming comes a renewal of sorts.  With each crop that is planted. 

Here are some photos from this past weekend I have been wanting to share. 

Two generations filling the grain drill/air seeder

The 2nd generation teaching the 3rd generation.

3 Generations side by side. Priceless.

Harvesting Corn

This one. It makes my heart go pitter patter and get all gushy! :)

I hope whatever season of life you are in, that you are able to harvest out the old, sow the revitalized seed, and emerge into whatever your dreams may be.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

No Matter the Occupation- Human Appreciation

As I drove to my class in the darkness of the early morning today, I wrote an entire blog post in my head.  I can only hope I can recall all that I wanted to say, now that I am in the daylight and in front of my laptop!  I'm not so sure now that I read it a couple times, but I'm posting it anyway! :) 

First I would like to throw in a disclaimer, this post is my opinions and of course stem from my own personal experiences.

I'd like to talk about human appreciation, occupations, and ministers that have played a role in my life.  It's Ministry Appreciation Month so inspiration came from that!

First we will begin with N.  Although I haven't spoke directly to him in a few years, he was present in my life during one of my families most life changing events.  He brought to our lives comfort, advice, and support. I am thankful for this and the fact I was able to call him my Pastor.

The second one is J.  She is one of those people that can get you talking about yourself, and you forget to ask about her and how her life is.  She can listen and then ask the most interesting questions to make you think.  She also has a heart that is full of peace and compassion, she welcomes all into her church, her home, or her life no matter who or what you are. I am thankful to have called her my Pastor.

The third minister is S.  When I think of him, the words "teaching giant" come to mind.  I mean that in the kindest way possible, he is a tall individual.  Although he teaches often and significantly, the things that come to mind most when in his midst are the following. The manner in which he is with his wife and children.  I see a man that has the upmost respect for his wife and you can see his devotion to the woman God provided for him quite clearly. His caring yet protective heart for his children in teaching them to about not only God, but how to have fun in life.  An example that is one of high quality for me and my family. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to call him Pastor.

There have been other Pastor's that have influenced, led me, helped me in my life through youth group events, music, mission trips, and worship. There is one thing that seems to always be in mind throughout my interactions with people of this occupation.

Those of the occupation of ministry, although their calling was something pretty special, they are still humans.  They are still like me.  (and you)

They are children of God.

They have families.

They have children's ball games to attend.

They have stresses of daily life.

They like a good joke and a fun song to dance to.

They have aging parents.

They are sinners.

They are forgiven.

They are loved.

They worry if they are being the best parent or spouse they can be.

They are blessings.

They make mistakes.

They start over.

They ask for forgiveness.

You get the idea, right? 

Let's keep in mind they are doing all the things I listed above and more while caring for their congregations.

I'm sure I don't need to remind you that a Pastor's job isn't only performed on Sundays. 

Or do I?

I hope not.

Some people hold ministers to a higher standard.  Perhaps they should be, but through my eyes it comes down to respect and remembering they are humans.
All humans make mistakes and they also can excel in life.

Whether you are in the occupation of ministry, farming, insurance, stay at home mother, or any other trade, its about the same thing. (At least in Julie's little world!)

I do not necessarily agree 100% with my friends the ministers above.  I also don't agree 100%  with my husband the farmer, my friend the stay at home mother or my insurance agent! Are you giggling at that one?  I hope so! :)

My point is, I respect all these people, and I try to keep that at the forefront of my mind that they are human.

The reason I try to remember that is because I want them to feel that way about me.  You can agree to disagree and still respect someone I think.

This month is Ministry Appreciation Month.  So, if you are in the presence of a minister.  Give them a hug, pat them on the back, send them a note of gratitude, or just smile at them.

And their families, I feel is an extension of ministry.  They sacrifice and benefit a great deal from having a minister in their family.  They'd probably enjoy a hug too!

Isn't making another's life better, one of the things we are called to do on a daily basis? 

Thanks for stopping by!
Julie the Human
(mistake maker, devoted mom/wife, sinner, God lover, etc!)

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