Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Things

Beginning new things has always been daunting to me, but today my four year old was a very good example to me (once again)!  She began something new today, and she didn't seem intimidated at all!  PV isn't super outgoing, but in the past six months we have worked on comforting her fear of new things.  SO I am a very proud Momma today!

Oh by the way, the new thing is that .....


Only once did I see her take her Daddy's hand, otherwise she was OK with being in a new place and with new people! Little Miss Calm, Cool, and Collected! (FYI, I cried for 3 days when I started Kindergarten, I am not kidding ask my oldest sister!)

This adventure called school will bring several things to PV's life.  Homework assignments, giggles galore, playground disagreements, writing skills, eating lunch at school, making new friends, experiencing that not everyone prays at lunch time, and yet it's still important for her to do it, and many more wonderful (and hard) things!

As her mother, I want to take all my knowledge and put it in her little brain so she knows how to react and protect herself and enjoy even the littlest things and to study hard!  But over the years I have learned from my experience that I can not do that.

Yes, it's taken about 20 years but I did finally pick some handy parenting skills!  (Thanks TS & KVH for the lessons!)

PV has to experience all those things without her parents by her side, but we have already began teaching here that you are never really alone.  GOD is with you always.  I know the comfort, this brings me, in my daily life, and I don't want Paige to have to wait until she is an adult ( like I did) to know that comfort.  This is a key teaching in our home.  We want her to feel the security and love of our Father.

Don't get me wrong, Momma (& Daddy) will be there to protect her on a regular basis.  But I have grown in knowing when I should step in and when to let her stand on her own two feet.  Even if those two feet, end up making her stumble for a moment or two.  That stumble is what will build her character and make her who she is meant to be.  Don't get me wrong, I am a work in progress, so there are occasions when I forget to step back!

I know the future holds many things for MV & I as well.  Bedtimes of listening to her slowly sound out the words in a book, and resisting from saying it for her, math problems we have no clue how to help with, explanations of why she is adopted but others in her class are not, hugging her when her heart is hurting and laughing with her when she tells me a funny story from her day.  I'm going to treasure these moments, whether they are wonderful or hard!  And in both, we will call on GOD to bring us guidance.

I'm curious, what do you do when you are starting something new?  What is your "go to" comfort?  Yes I pray, but if brownies are on hand, you will probably find me in the corner eating the entire pan, WHILE I pray!  Nice imagery isn't it??? :)

Seriously, what helps you move to take that first step into the "New Thing Land" ?

Maybe you have some parenting advice you'd care to share!  I welcome the opportunity to learn from others anytime!  Inspire me people!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I am heading out of town tomorrow afternoon.  To where there is no internet, and perhaps not much reception for my smartphone! OH MY what will I do!  BOND.... with my two older sisters!  :)  Lake here I come!

Since I am leaving for 3 days, this evening I was rushing around as I still needed to pack, finish frosting for a cake, gather food and books for the weekend, print off directions, clear the memory card from my camera, and several other things you can imagine, and get my 4 year old to bed on time!  You get the picture, so I will move on. 

I came into my den this evening feeling worn down, ticking off the list in my head and watching the clock. Just plain frazzled was my mojo at the moment.  

I walked over to the window to check to see what MV & PV were doing outside. I had sent her out earlier with something to give her Dad, and she never returned to me.  

The sight I saw from the window, it melted my heart. Really. It made all those frazzled feelings disappear in one moment!  I could not help but smile and feel warmth in my heart. 

They were in the garden together, both of them bent over in the cucumber patch looking for cucumbers.

I know, right now, you are probably thinking, Ok? What's so unordinary about that? 


Nothing at all.

Ordinary is exactly what it was.

Sometimes the ordinary is just what we need in life isn't it? 

Take moment & ponder that.... I'll wait, rush....  I'm still here.....(Feel free to leave a comment responding, I'd love to hear from you!) 

Today, I challenge you to open your eyes, and view things in a new way, in a clearer, more simpler way.  Whether its a bird sitting outside your window, to a flower just bloomed, to an elderly lady just walking down the sidewalk, or a toddler with ice cream all over their face.... just look for the ordinary and allow yourself to enjoy it.

Today I will take the ordinary, because it made my heart melt and a smile come across my face.  GOD knew what I needed and HE provided as always.

Check out the ordinary.... it just might surprise you! 

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Irrigation & Hello Kitty!

One of PV's favorite pairs of shoes are her Hello Kitty rubber boots!  She slips them on quite often whether she has on shorts, jeans, or jammies! 
And on this Saturday morning they were definitely needed!

Yep that's us!  
Ready to go in our rubber boots!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to watch my husband teaching our daughter some wonderful tools of the trade in irrigation farming! 
At four years old she was definitely excited about the "task at hand"! 
 ( I can only hope she still feels that desire when she is 14!)

On Saturday morning we loaded up in the Mule, and headed out to check the flood irrigation system on the Milo (aka grain sorghum).  There are two types of irrigation systems on our farm, but I will explain that later!  Now PV had went out with her dad the night before so she was qualified for Saturday's task at hand keep in mind! :)  

We pulled up and she barely let the Mule complete a stop and she was out looking for the makeshift pole and stating she was going to "close the gates"! ( Of course I had no clue what she meant but I had a lesson by my 4 year old that day, never too old to learn, RIGHT!!)
 I watched and could not help but smile.  
She took the "gate closing pole" and got to work!   
She was quite good I might add!

PV is sliding a black rectangle cover over to close off the water so it no longer irrigates the Milo.  MV was at the other end opening a certain amount of rows to starting irrigating.  They do not run all rows at the same time, there would not be enough water.  
So it has to be checked at least 2 times per day or more. Normally my father in law does this farm task, so it was a treat for us to get to do it together as a family!

One of my dreams for PV is for her to grow up learning the benefit of honest hard work and for her to feel the honor that comes with that. I think it creates a well rounded individual.  Farming is a good place to learn that, especially at an early age.  To care for the ground and grow something from a small seed, it has amazing  results. God has provided us with many blessings, one being that MV can have a career doing something he absolutely loves, and we can raise our daughter in a lifestyle that enhances a person for better things!  

Sometimes the outcome isn't what we anticipated, 
but in the end you have no regrets for trying! 

God has provided us with many blessings in the past 10 years and we are thankful for that!

I had lots of smiles this weekend, I will share a few photos of why!

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Grain Sorghum field  Irrigated, Milton out in the field checking the water level, yes he has rubber boots on but his aren't nearly as cute as PV's Hello Kitty ones!

Our family! Just makes my heart warm!

PV waiting on us while we open gates and playing in the dirt!
Can't be a farm kid without alittle dirt!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Corn Time!

On Saturday evening, MV decided to test the irrigated corn to see if it is ready to cut.  He went to the field and shucked a few ears by hand, came back to the farm shed and tested it.  Looked like it was time to prep the combine and head to the field!

This is what the Irrigated corn looked like prior to cutting.  It's not the prettiest but MV assures me this is what it needs to look like to be ready to cut! 
I must admit, I think Wheat is much prettier at harvest time, BUT don't tell the corn! :)
 I don't want it's feelings hurt! 

Let me introduce you to farm machinery used to cut corn!

Case IH  1688 Combine with Corn Header
(note the cute little girl in last pic! PV posing with the combine!)

Volvo Semi Truck

MV in Action!

The green in this picture are soybeans.... just in case you didn't know!

Lovely to pull up to the combine with all the debris going all over! ITCHY!

MV & PV!

 PV driving!

Action shot of header cutting corn!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Legacy of the Farm

I wanted my first post to be about the Legacy of the farm.  To create a base for you, the readers, in regards to the the area of Farm Life.  

I will begin with a timeline, MV is fourth generation to farm the surrounding land, and his 87 year old father was born in the house he still lives in. My father in law continues to farm full time to this day. The ground that is farmed by MV and his father is either owned or rented from others in the community.  Some of the ground has been farmed by my father in law for 50 years, families trust and respect him to care for their family legacy. The Land.  

That's something to be proud of I believe. With large companies downsizing and usually the people with longest tenures are first to be pushed out, this is something to be feel good about.

We are thankful that the families have not changed and continue the relationships with us.  But in farming, somethings have changed over the years. Here are just a few examples.

Back in the day, they would plow the soil after wheat harvest to turn the straw under, and there usually was not a cab on the tractor.  So the farmer would end his day covered in dirt from head to toe.  Working the ground is still done in the farming community, but No Till farming, we are seeing is becoming a common practice more and more.  The fields may not look as pretty in the beginning with no till, but it reduces wind & water erosion and conserves moisture. And as a bonus, tractors have cabs now!  Farm wives truly enjoy this aspect of farming! Less stinky husbands at days end is much more enjoyable to hug hello! :)

My father in law has seen many things and my husband is lucky enough to have been beside him his entire life.  There is something to say about hands on experience, and in this case, it's brought much respect and opportunity by my husband for his father, which we are both thankful for.  MV is also fortunate to be able to do something he truly loves and believes in on a daily basis, and this is by the grace of GOD. Thankful we most certainly are!

Although we know our daughter, PV may not want to farm full time someday, we do want to show her what farming and living the country life  can offer.  Raising her on the farm brings a respect for the land, good work ethic, and an appreciation for the food that is at the grocery store!  She is her father's shadow, so there will be much opportunity for you to see them together!

Although she is only four, I do believe teaching begins at an early age. Children are watching their parents more than we are aware! When I hear MV explaining things to PV, I can't help but smile.  I'm not sure how much goes over head, but it's pure entertainment for me!

Recently, we all three loaded up in the pickup and headed to check the non-irrigated corn field. Obviously, most of you know there has been little rain this year!  Although checking the status of the corn was "work", it ended up being a beautiful wonderful family fun time!  The giggles of PV and the follow the leader in the corn field was fun!

Legacy of the Farm is something I can contribute to as well. Preserving the memories here, I feel is part of the legacy. MV & I can reflect back on treasured memories when the kids are grown, and PV can show her children and grandchildren.

I hope you come back to visit us soon and learn more about Life on the Farm. 

Be sure to take a look at the sunset tonight!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Farm Piece

Early mornings at the farm are ones that are treasures to me. I do not get to enjoy them as often as I would as I would like.  

As I sit on my front porch this morning, there is a tease of fall weather.  Cool, cloudy, and windless, just enough to peak your interest for days of warmer clothing, snuggling by the fire, and hot chocolate evenings on the deck.

I wish you could experience this with me, for the words on this page hardly do it justice.  

The essence of peace that most of us long for is here, in the quiet of the am.   There are sounds, but they are in the distance.  The irrigation motor, a car going down the blacktop a few miles away, and birds chirping to one another good morning.

Calm. Quiet. Cool. Beauty of the crops and the sky is  looking as though its coming awake itself.  Sunrise in the east. From our porch you can't see the sunrise, but you can see the shimmers above the trees.  Letting you imagine how absolutely gorgeous it is. In my  mind I let the warmth from it come upon my face, filling me with energy for the day,yet all the while I'm relaxing peacefully on my front porch.

In this time I feel the presence of my Father.  Here I can sit and think of the beauties and the tribulations he has shared with me.  He guides me through them like a Father should.  He takes me to a place of solitude when the heaviness of tribulations is too much and he smiles with me in the joyful times.

This peaceful feeling of the farm, I wish I could etch it into my mind and pull it out throughout my day.  But I am human, once life's regular duties begin, I tend to place these tender moments away. Are you like me in that sense or are you lucky enough to keep them at the forefront?  They are mostly forgotten and perhaps not remembered until its time to shut one's eyes for the night.  

Bringing this piece peace of the "farm" into my daily life,  is like bringing GOD into my daily life.  One needs to make it a habit, one needs to feel the presence of HIS peace.  Wait, this shouldn't be a habit but more like breathing.  Acknowledging the LORD in daily life.

I hope, today you find your "farm piece peace".  In fact, I challenge you to look at your day, find HIM there, and share with me here!  

I look forward to seeing your comments and sharing that hot chocolate moment with  you!


Romans 15:33  Now the GOD of peace be with you all.