Monday, July 8, 2013

Realizing Things

It's late.  I really should be in bed resting these very tired eyes and hands that have been using a computer mouse and keyboard in excess for over a week now.  
But I'm not.  I'm rebelling! 

I miss my blog and writing.  I didn't think I'd miss it that much, but I do.  I miss sharing my thoughts, our farm escapades, and yummy recipes!  Oh yes, there have been a few posts, but not as many as I would like.

So I am just going to stay up and write.. if I write something off the wall or silly, just let me have my moment of bliss! :)  Perhaps I can take a nap tomorrow!

Things I have realized in the past couple weeks.......
  • I'm lucky, for many reasons, but one is that my husband has no issue with sharing in household responsibilities. He honestly doesn't feel "less of a man" and states it makes him a better husband.  I must agree with him on both!
  • I miss my music.  I'm not 18, I can't study and listen to music at the same time.
  • I haven't missed TV really at all.
  • Laughing is a pleasure I would like to have more often. (Mental note- work on that!)
  • Friends and family that have stepped up to aide us recently, it's much appreciated.
  • My brain is wired pretty directly to my heart I think.... for that reason... I think too much which creates over-reaction.
  • My sweet little girl's smile, it something I appreciate even more now.
  • Spending time with God daily has kept the unraveling from occurring I just know it!
  • When you are told something and a smile can not be removed from your face because your heart is so full of joy for them, it's amazing!
  • In fact, go back to that moment, and be selfish... that smile is worth alittle selfishness!
  • Chickens survive if a day goes by and you forgot to check them.  
  • Just when you think you are unsure, someone or something is dropped into your lap, letting you know it's ok to move forward.
  • Taking a break, it's needed sometimes to replenish.
  • That although times seem alittle hard for me right now, there are people dealing with harder things than I am. Pray for them first.
  • Vacation will still occur, although it's not completely planned out or started packing a week in advance! They have stores in California!
  • This is hard.  But this too shall pass.

Take a moment and just sit calmly.  Look back at the happenings in your life already (even though it's only almost Tuesday). 

What's on your list that would surprise you?


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