Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Peace of Home

On a rare occasion I like to share a personal journal entry. Today happens to be one, but it was written a  few weeks ago.

My husband took this photo of me, he actually took a couple,  while I was on the fence pondering things (without my knowledge until this shot.)  This is the only one I will share.... it was on the exact day I wrote the words below!


Today we sorted cattle together.  Paige, Milton, Dad  and I.  I mostly took photos but did get my boots dirty!         Finally! :)

I really enjoyed being out there helping and also just taking photos.  I know these memories will be important in future years.  For Milton,  when his dad is gone and Paige when we are gone. 

As we finished up, I was sitting alone on top of the fence, leaning against a wood post.  At that moment,  I felt a calmness that I haven’t felt often in my life.  I sat there and just let it soak in.  It was as easy as breathing.  

I looked off into the distance and thought to myself, “this is why God brought me to this place,  to this man.”

It truly felt like the a piece I had missing for so long, in my life, my body, my soul.  It had been filled.

It felt like home.

I thanked God, and then began enjoying it even more.

Thanks for stopping by! Julie

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