Monday, January 28, 2013


This past weekend I got to leave the farm and 
spend it with a couple special ladies in my life. 

My sisters!

The one on the left is E and the one on the right is T!
Put them together and they are



I must say at times they are pretty Extra-Terrestrial!


I was the 4th child and the baby.
(And no I was not spoiled no matter what they say!)
I have two sisters and one brother.
(Sometime I will share the lovely story of my brother trading me for a horse!)

A couple Christmas' ago, my sisters and I decided that the best gift we
could give one another is to spend time together.  
We all have busy lives and one weekend out of the year together is just what we need!

During this time we reminisce, talk about our families, 
our jobs, and much more.  
Mostly we just love to connect with one another.  

This year we hung out at T's home after seeing a movie, eating a decent steak, and shopping.  
Alot of it was spent on the couch watching Lifetime movies and just relaxing together.
And you know what... it was awesome! 

Here is where I would post the annual photo I took of T sleeping in the early evening on her couch,
but I will be nice and just move on! 
She will be thankful for it I am sure! :)

E, she brought breakfast for us Sunday morning.  Look at this Quiche. 
 It was delish!  

She also brought alittle treat from our past.  

When we were kids we didn't have much growing up.  
So when we had a special treat like Pillsbury turnovers, it was like we were on top of the world!
They are SO good and just bring a rush of memories back to us all!

My sisters are more than sisters, they are my friends. 
 I feel blessed to have both of them in my life and I  hope I they know how I feel about them!
I pray that they both have a safe and beautiful life that they deserve!

We have decided that our next weekend excursion we will move to warmer months.
That way we can enjoy the outdoors more and take some road trips!

So, if you know of  a location that is a great weekend getaway in Kansas, please comment!
We would  greatly appreciate it! 

Thanks for stopping by & allowing me to share my sisters!

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  1. Had a wonderful weekend with my sisters! Thanks for the wonderful post Julie! Can't wait to go road tripping with you both!!!!

  2. Now that I have finally gotten here I would like to reiterate what both of my sisters have stated!!! Julie always does such a wonderful job on all of her posts! I am so glad that we have our get-together & that we can all enjoy it actively or just chill-in with LMN!! I am also Happy that the "sleeping beauty" :):)
    picture did not make the post!! Thank You! If all else fails we can just go "Crop Touring" until the gas tank runs out! :):) Love Elizabeth & Julie with all of my heart, body, & soul!! xxoo

  3. Love ya both! :)Glad you enjoyed the post!


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