Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Farmer I Live With

In twelve years I have seen the farmer I live with change and grow to become something more than he was.  Just as his farming operation has.

In this time span he has....

became a father

built a home where there was a soybean field before.

gotten acquainted with chickens

filled out more crop insurance and fsa office paperwork than one should have to

bought a couple new to him pieces of equipment

bought, tore down, put back together, and configured an elevator leg and underground storage pit for our farm storage grain complex

he has made repairs and more repairs on machinery

then he has planted and harvested crops.  Some were good producing and some not

he has done much more than I have listed here.  What I wanted to really get across is that farmers work hard, so do other occupations.  Just as all individuals have the opportunity to grow, so does the farmer.  I think the farming community is lucky because they get to do it in the wide open spaces, in the beautiful pastures and fields, the sun shining on their face, and the knowledge that they make a difference every day.  Whether their year is a super success or a "go to the bank and borrow" type of year, they can still stand proud.  They can still get up each day and continue to make a difference with what they have been given. They are needed in the world we live.

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