Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scratch Agchat

Last week I was to be heading to my first ever Agchat conference in Austin, Texas with my friend Nicole.  Unfortunately, due to life circumstances  I was unable to attend.  I was looking forward to the roadtrip and getting to learn more about how to agvocate. Sometimes things happen and they take a different path. Perhaps next year though!

I have some great pals though because they brought me back some Agchat Swap goodies! 

Don't forget to stop back on September 15th for our celebration of our 2 year anniversary giveaway!  Some of the items that will be given away are the ones I had planned to take to Agchat this year!

I leave you with this my friends!

May you days be filled with joy, and even when they aren't let's rejoice together.
When the sun is shining upon your life, be sure to share it with another.
Extend the love that lies in your heart, don't keep it all for yourself.
Lift up those around you, take a hand, hold it tight. Tight enough they can feel your heart pounding.
On dismal days, find someone else to lift up and focus not on yourself. 
To the ones you truly love,  be sure to hug, kiss, and tell them you love them.  For the time may come, you can't any longer.

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  1. Those are some great goodies! How kind of them to make sure you got to participate in this way. Is this an annual event? Next year?

  2. Especially the Wisconsin cheese! :) Yes they are sweeties! Yes. Maybe.


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