Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Love of a Father for a Daughter - In Photos

Wishing my husband a Happy Father's Day.  
I will let the photos explain. 
 Let's take a journey down memory lane.  
Thanks for being the ever present Dad.

First there were these two!
Half grown, female and boy did they give you a run for your money!

Then you received this one!

From the beginning hands on all they way!

Already teaching her about farming!

You still read to her! 

Even when it's hard, you do what's best for her!

Whether it's in the kitchen or the field, always teaching.

You teach the word on a daily basis.

You let her help even when it's not convenient.

And this family wouldn't be the same without you!
Thanks for being a great Dad!

May you all have a Happy Father's day!

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