Tuesday, December 31, 2013

White Texas Sheet Cake

Over the holidays I made a cake called White Texas Sheet Cake.  I knew I would probably like it because it has almond flavoring in it.  It did not disappoint, in fact it's became one of my favorite recipes now!

My friend over at  Country Girl Ramblings is the source of this delish recipe.  If you click on her blog name it will take you straight to the recipe!  Be sure to follow her blog, it's the kind thing to do! She's a great gal!

I do not have a photo of this lovely cake, but I needed to put one in the post, it's highly recommended so this is the one I chose! :)  She's my kid that loves to cook as well!

Happy baking! 

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  1. It does sound delicious!! Adding it to my collection of recipes to try. Thank you Ms. Julie for yet another great post added to the County Fair Blog party!


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