Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Future Post - Inquiring Minds Segment!

Most of you probably read here about my upcoming absence and why.  I wanted to get a couple blog posts done for the future and I was struck with an idea early this morning!  It entails some help from all of you though!

I thought it might be interesting for me to post a list of questions to Milton and PV and then share the post.  I need some help from you all in what type of questions you would be interested in.  My friend over at COUNTRY LINKed recently did this post with her daughter taking a tour of their farm. It was an inspiration for this!

So please comment here or on our Facebook page with questions you might like to know the answers to from Milton, PV, or I!  Farming questions, being raised on a farm, what type of hobbies we like, you ask and we will try to answer them in a future post!  

Thanks for stopping by!


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Thanks for stopping by!