Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Entertaining the Child Within Us - Artwork!

Our blog isn't just to provide new recipes or educate about farm life. It's about documenting our family story for our children in years to come.  I hope on an annual basis to have the blog posts, for that year put into a book.  That way we have a hard copy to sit and read in years to come.  So sometimes there might be things on this blog that you are thinking 
"why would she blog about that?" Now you know why!  

Today I am sharing a piece of artwork by MV and PV.  See, she has been been home this week with strep throat.  So entertaining her involves more than just watching the TV in our house! She got some new paints for her birthday from 
KVH and MVH so they broke into that new package!

Let me describe the piece of the artwork to you, from PV's words!  I also did this in a previous post here. After taking a glance at that post, I think her painting skills have grown since last September! :) It was fun to look back!

On the far right, the green vertical item - A big tall green bean!
Moving to the right - A rainbow with a bird on it!
Keep going right - the first flower is an Easter Lily and the 2nd is just a flower she said!
The three colors on the bottom of the page - brown = dirt, 
green = lettuce, black = a cover so when it gets cold the lettuce doesn't get ruined!
At the top we have the sun, and clouds, and then she threw in some colors just because!

The beautiful barn was done by her Daddy!  
I like the bushes around the barn, it's a nice touch! :)

I hope you enjoyed our venture into the Art World today!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Awesome job PV and MV!!! I like the bird the best. It is so very cute.


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