Saturday, March 30, 2013

Things That Brought Me Joy

This lovely 'act of kindness' someone left at our doorstep!

Reading a book to this little gal on my lunch hour one day! 
To hear her say "I love you too Grandma" made my heart melt like no other!

Receiving an email with this form attached! 
Ok honestly I first felt excited and then nervous! It's something 
I want to do, but that little thing called fear is trying to win out!

This just sweet gift from my anonymous prayer partner.
The towel is yellow my favorite color & the saying is just perfect

!And those bunnies, who can't smile when they look at them?

Sneaking this picture of Daddy coming home and his little girl greeting him after 
spending 2 hours playing in the playhouse he's building!

Non- Photo Joys!
Surprising my daughter at school for lunch and watching her & 11 other Pre-K kids sing for 15 minutes! :) Priceless!

Getting a phone call from my California Girl and hearing her wish her little sister Happy Birthday.

Attending Maundy Thursday services with my family. Then holding my "little' girl on my lap and thinking back to 5 years ago exactly at this time I wasn't able to hold her yet.

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