Monday, February 16, 2015

Farmers - Not What I Imagined - #WMFHEROES

When Jim Richardson began to speak I knew it would be an enjoyable session I was attending.  His voice was upbeat and he had joked pretty quickly into his presentation!  That's always a good sign!

Then the photographs began.  My words will not do justice to the talent this man holds.  The way he opened my eyes and mind to the fact that farmers are not only this....

OR this.

But also the way we farm in our neck of the woods seems to look pretty easy compared to how some must farm just to feed their family.  Although they might be  helping feed the world too.  Planting by hand, children helping daily, and starting over each new day early to late.

Jim opened my eyes to see other farmers in a human light.  It makes me hope that I am able to do that for those that are no longer familiar with farm life.  That are generations removed from rural living.  This blog is one way to share the way we farm, and to reach out to groups of people that are living off the farm.

I invite you to visit Jim's website and look at some of the most beautiful photographs you will ever see.  You will have the chance to see not only beauty but a view into a world removed from our Kansas Agriculture. Yet we have a link to feeding the world between us.

Jim Richardson Photography - Farmers Growing Our Food

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