Saturday, April 19, 2014

Opportunities To Teach

 Today we had several opportunities to teach our child. 
 I didn't document every single one, 
but I was lucky enough to do a few.
Here they are.

Lesson:  Where the food comes from, how it looks inside the ground, and that a father is important in a daily living.

Checking the corn that her Dad planted about 9 days ago.
 Lesson:  That roots are good. 
For both plants & people!
There is a root, that's a good thing! It's hard to see but it's there!

Lesson: That sometimes you have to clean the 
dirty things out of your life and start anew!
How to wash dishes by hand.  She knows how to load and unload a dishwasher.
But every kid should have to wash dishes by hand at some point!

Lesson: That showing Love is important and sharing the
 Fruits of the Spirit make life full filling.
She delivered these to some friends today. She went to the doors alone. After a couple I asked how
that was and how it felt to give to others.  "GOOD!" was her response!
I hope she retains that feeling for life! Helping others, caring for others, giving to others!

I'm glad we were able to share this day together as a family.
Creating a solid foundation and teaching in daily life has brought us closer as a family.  I am thankful for the opportunities. 
Even the ones that build our character and test our strength at times.

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