Sunday, August 18, 2013

What's in a Chirp's Name?

Yesterday I wrote a quick post about our 2nd day of egg finding.  As I published it, the 5 year old decided to bang on the front door, and yell "MOM"!  Of course I was to come running, she had SOMETHING to show me!  I could tell by her voice it was something of excitement, or at least I had better grab the camera as I was strolling to the door!

I come out and she's next to the UTV and says "TA DA"!

Her and her father had decided to take the tamest chicken we have for a ride!  
This lady allows PV to pet it and MV can hold it.  
I think her size intimidates PV at this point, 
so she only pets while the chicken is roaming free.  

I asked PV this morning about a name for this particular chicken.  She was listing names from movies. I said no, let's go with Gladys, she didn't agree.  (imagine that!)  Well I decided perhaps we could gather a few names and let PV choose from those!

So, are you all up for alittle fun?  List on here or the Facebook post any names you think should be considered for this little darling!  
I will leave it up to PV in the end, but options are good in life I do believe!

This week is quite busy for me, so it might be next weekend before we choose!  Thanks for participating and for stopping by!


PS: There was no eggs this morning!


  1. Henrietta, Clarice, Rosy, Eggberta or really any version of any name where one of the syllables is replaced by the word 'egg.'
    For the record, I do like Gladys though.

  2. Nice options! Thanks for posting!

  3. The has been chosen....... drumroll please! Rosy Gladys. She chose Rosy out of all the names and PV decided Gladys could be her middle name. LOL :)


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