Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Chirp Chronicles - Time to clean again!

PV and I decided the chirps or as we call them now  "The Ladies"  needed their coop cleaned out yesterday!   Dad was busy so her & I tackled the job together!  
We got our 5 gallon bucket, work gloves, shovel, 
the mule all together and headed that way!  

The Ladies didn't care to be locked out of their coop today.
It was alittle windy and chilly for this time of year, but 
they entertained themselves just the same!

When it was my turn to shovel, PV decided to try hand feeding the Chirps.

Unfortunately, I think the group of gals are mostly followers or feel peer pressure to fit in!
One started pecking AT A NAIL in the wall and pretty soon the entire gang joined in!
Or maybe they didn't want the leader to feel alone! 
Who knows in the minds of Chickens!

We got it all cleaned out and working as a team it didn't take long at all!

I am going to treasure this time, when the child doesn't mind
doing the labor it takes to be responsible.  I know a day will probably come
when PV would much rather be doing something other than cleaning a chicken coop!
(I already hear a bit of that when she has to hang up her own laundry! )

The Ladies are starting to roost more!

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