Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Kitchen Memories (2012)

Well it's December 2nd and it has begun!  Christmas baking that is!

I decided to try a new recipe, you can find the actual recipe by visiting the original bearer of this gift here!
(Thank you Kansas Farm Mom)

I had my handy assistant, which I am thankful for! If you have little ones that like to cook, this recipe really is a good one to have them participate with.  She was awesome at rolling the dough into balls!

While we wait for the dough to chill in the frig, I headed out to the garage to check on the hubby!  He is creating something I have wanted for the house since we moved in!  I won't tell you what it is, but here's a photo of a couple of the supplies!  I promise I will blog on this masterpiece when it's finished! (Can you tell I am alittle excited about it!)

Ok back to the cookie making!   The pre-bake stage!

And drum roll please!  The Finished Product!  Yumminess all over!
Don't they just scream Christmas Goodie!

I want to tell you that normally cookie making isn't my thing but today it was a JOY!

The cookies are DELISH too!  Be sure to try the recipe, it really is lovely!

(FYI, Milton loves snickerdoodles and these got two thumbs up from him!)

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  1. So glad the recipe got the thumbs up from your family too! Thanks for sharing my blog! My kids are great at rolling the dough, too. They were competing to see who could have the best looking cookies. LOL

    Now, go put them in the freezer and hide those cookies or they will be gone before you know it. ;)

    1. Your welcome! I didn't get them in the freezer quick enough ! Uh oh! :) Thanks!

  2. We are going to try this recipe too Julie!! I have to tell you, you have me very curious about what your Farmer is building you?? Always on the look out of great projects for the house and I too have a husband who can tackle such things.


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