Monday, October 1, 2012

Working Cattle

Milton and his father worked the calves today! 
It was a nice way to end September!

When we talk about working the calves or cattle,
 it means several things are done.
We brand them, ear tag them, apply dewormer and vaccines.

Milton's dad guides the calves from the pen to the chute. 


Then one by one they are in the chute,
Milton then proceeds to complete the many steps
of working the calves!

This time around I did not particpate, I just took photos, 
and chatted with our little audience. PV and her cousins!

They didn't really enjoy the smell from the branding, 
but they hung out for quite some time! :)

When there are cattle at the farm, 
it means you have to feed them twice a day.
You want to keep the feeding time pretty much the same everyday.
My father in law takes care of this task most of the time.

One of the best parts about being a bystander in this farming operation.....

Is watching a Father and Son work together.

Creating a Legacy.

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  1. Looks like Abe missed it this year!!! I will have to tell him. Seems you had lots of little help though!

    Great photos, esp the one of father/son!

    1. Yes he did. Thanks on the compliment!


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