Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Signs of A Young Child

Signs of a young child being present in my home!

The Sorry game is sitting out in our main living room
just waiting to finish the hot & heavy game we started this morning!

This was left open when she went to the car
to go to school this morning!

No this isn't a barn, it's my jewelry box!
(AKA tractor storage)

The main bathroom has a nicely decorated
soap dispenser... designer PV herself!

A new reading corner in our family room.

Things like this would have drove me crazy back in the day!
Some things have really changed since my older daughters were PV's age!

But today, I'm alittle more relaxed,
 because these signs in my home, 
mean I was fortunate enough to become a 
Mother one more time.  

God knew the plans he had for me.
He knows the plans he has for me.

I am grateful for all my children. 
I am grateful for every lesson that  has come my way via my children.  

Feel free to share a memory of how one would know there was/is 
a youngster  in your home.
Or snap a quick picture and feel free to share on our Facebook page!

Come along with me and celebrate the little things of little ones!
Toys all over, tractors in odd places, laundry piled up, and 
piles of school papers on the countertop!

Let's celebrate children!

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