Monday, September 2, 2013

September Social Media Announcements!

I debated yesterday and today about whether to post something about the "official" announcement of my professional career change to becoming a Farm Bureau Financial Services insurance agent.  

I really went back and forth and was so unsure of what I should say.  Finally I threw caution to the wind, and posted my business card on my personal Facebook page and only wrote "It's Official".  Sometimes a few words are better than alot, right?

 I am not sure why I debated so much, I mean  I am in sales.  I do have to market myself and the company and isn't social media a great way to do that!  Isn't that an avenue to spread the word about my life changing event?  

Social media can be positive and negative I know.  At the moment, I find it a positive as I was quickly "liked" and collected an array of "kind" words below the photo from friends, loved ones, acquaintances, etc.  

Once again I was blessed, alittle boost of encouragement can go a long with this lady! (Might be revisiting this photo post on days it's alittle gloomier in my office!) 

I wonder though, will the people that see my post give me the opportunity to visit with them when I call them?  Will they remember that I'm the same person I was a month ago, except I now have more knowledge, more opportunities to help, and have agent behind my name? I also wonder, will I mention or share too much insurance knowledge on my Facebook page and become that annoying "friend" they all want to hide or delete.

I like to think that most of them  know me well enough to know I have only the best intentions and want to provide the best service possible.  I've always had that attitude and I will continue being that way. Luckily,  I have more knowledge and passion to enhance the care I want to cover them with! :)

Ironically, 18 years ago on September 4th was the first time I walked into my current office.  I was walking in to start my new job as part time secretary with absolutely ZERO knowledge about insurance.  Tomorrow I will walk into the office as an agent, with more experience, more knowledge, more heart.  I just thought it interesting how September is significant in my professional career.

Thanks for allowing me to share on my blog about our life, our faith, our feelings. 


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