Friday, June 21, 2013

She's 25 today and I'm wondering how that happened???

Our  oldest daughter turned 25 today.  Tashley !

I'm not sure how that happened.

I recall turning 25, it wasn't that long ago, I'm sure of it! :) How can she be turning 25!

But let's not talk about me!

I wanted to celebrate her here on the blog.  In the years I have been her Mother there have been ups and downs of course.  One thing is true though, I have loved her as long as I can recall, and I'm thankful I chose life for her.

Things I love about this gal!

  • Her smile.
  • Her ability to cook.
  • Her ability to want to give others "little gifts".
  • That she allowed me to participate in so much of her life as a teenager.
  • The fact that she is a Mom herself, and a good one.
  • That she forgives easily.
  • That she's working hard as a single mother to provide for her daughter.
  • That she allowed me to grow up with her!
That only names a few, but she is a person that I'm proud to call my daughter.  I am thankful she gets to call me Mom.

My wishes for you Tashley are:

May you lean on those only when truly needed, find the strength within when needed, it's there I promise, have a heart of giving, and continue to strive for contentment in life.

I love this photo of her & E!  
Just sweetness all around!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl! 
 Happy 25th Birthday!

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