Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shots from the Farm

It's been too wet to plant corn, so there's hasn't been much to farm blog about.
Today Milton worked on the combine, but we don't have any pictures of that!
Here are a few shots from around the farm , like many others we have had ALOT of rain!

How about alittle of The Chirp Chronicles !
They are growing quickly, and PV is doing a good job of caring for them.
It's been pretty chilly when she went to feed them, but she's a trooper!

I'm hoping it dries out so we can get these lovelies in the ground!
On our Facebook Page this morning, I asked what the certain plant is.
Some guessed it correct, and I am kinda excited to get it planted.
I use it in jam making. I probably won't have any for this year,
 but looking forward to years to come!

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Julie & Milton

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