Friday, April 26, 2013

Crafting Coast 2 Coast

I'm pretty excited about my daughter Kassidy's new adventure in life!  You probably recall from this post the fabulous apron she made for one of our guests!  Here you can find the one she made for me by clicking here!

She has opened an Etsy shop with a friend or two! So I wanted to help her out and share  the site!

Kassidy has always had a creative side to her.  In middle school, my best friend and her created a Halloween outfit for a party she attended.  She loves art and takes photographs quite often.

My mother and her made this snazzy dress!

She created this lovely dress for her little sister recently! PV says she feels like a princess in it!

You can find their Etsy shop by clicking the link Crafting Coast2Coast.  Currently she has a limited amount of aprons, so keep checking back!  She will add more in the near future.  If you have a certain type you are interested in, you can reach her by emailing at

Please share this post so Kassidy can begin this new adventure with lots of support! We greatly appreciate it!

Thanks so much!


Please feel free to share! Spread the word! :) Thank you for your kindness!

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