Friday, February 8, 2013

Things that brought me joy!

Kyra, our Grand-Dog. This is the first photo of her happy looking!
Most of the time the photos Kass sends or posts she looks extremely SERIOUS!
Tuesdays are game night usually at our house!
These two like Slapjack, I am more of a Go Fish kinda gal!
The caption says it all! I cried... seriously tears of joy!
When these two lovely ladies stopped by my workplace this week!

Ok, I published this too soon! I have to update & add these lovely things from the weekend!

It's blurry, but this one was funny, got her nose RIGHT in the camera! Silly cow!
Our daughter watching intently her Dad care for the calf that was injured this weekend.
Learning life lessons early, but I know it's for the best.
Sifting lesson, not quite strong enough! Maybe next year!
Spending the day with the family - even playing a game with the California kids via Skype!
Big guys and little girls playing the fishing game! Priceless!
And the huge smile on Tash's face, pure joy for her momma!


  1. New follower from the hop! Looks like you had a a pretty good week. Sorry to hear one of your calfs got injured, hope he is okay.

    1. Holly!
      Hello & Welcome!The one did not make it from the photo here, but we had another that was stuck in the cattle fence this morning but she is doing great! :) Thanks!

    2. Sorry to hear that :( But glad the other is alright!


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