Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Memories- 2012 Images

This weekend we began celebrating Christmas with my family.  We had two gatherings and the weekend flew by! But I am glad that we had the opportunity to gather with family, it doesn't happen often enough! Here are a shots I got that brought me joy!

This little gal is one full of vigor, sweetness, and a smile that won't stop! :) 

Sisters together always bring a softness to my heart! Especially these 3!

Watching my dad play tea party with PV was so heart warming!

My Mom with her gift from all her children & grandchildren!  Each day in 2013 she will have a "little piece of each of us" with her!  She has one "item" to open each day! 

This little honey...well let's just say she brought lots of laughs to the ornament exchange game!
(Thanks to Kassidy for bringing this goofy little gal!)

Each year the adults bring an ornament then we play the game where you can steal an ornament!  Needless to say the snazzy zebra was not stolen! :) My nephew ended up going home with her! 

Hugs from this guy ( my dad).  They are the best!  He never lets go first! Ever!

I hope to blog more often for you in the near future, but between our holiday schedule, regular life, and me trying to get all my continuing education credits for my paying job, it's been hectic!

I hope your holiday season brings you much joy and safety!

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