Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joy Joy Joy (from my weekend)

Receiving Joy is one of best things in life! Wouldn't you agree???
Here are things that brought me joy over the weekend!

I hope you had a joyous one! Feel free to share your Joys!

This was by far the BIGGEST joy all weekend!

Receiving this picture message on my phone at 2:30am Sunday morning!
Our son in law returning from deployment in Afghanistan!

Spending time this weekend with my little girl!

Annual trip to the pumpkin patch!

Non-photographed moments of joy were:

Reading Galatians in the quiet morning.
I called Milton while he was cutting Milo, PV was riding along with him, I could hear her singing away in the background!
Having a couple of unexpected visitors come see us Saturday night!

I hope your weekend was a joyous one!

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